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1 Day until Blast Off

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It's almost here!

MS Awareness Month begins in less than twenty-four  hours.

How will you contribute to the knowledge? How will you as a Warrior use your expertise to enlighten the world?

"Selma Blair reveals true toll of MS diagnosis in first TV interview."ttps://

I  have to admit that I never heard of Selma Blair until this story broke this week. I feel bad for her. Unfortunately she is now a warrior. fortunately she has the power to be a public voice for thew rest of us. the MonSter is a beast, not particular in it's victims. The MonSter enlists anyone, regardless of gender, race, age, social status.

If you are a Warrior, you are an expert.

It is our responsibility as the true experts to share our thoughts, lend our ears, cry our tears and laugh loudly with others.

Recently I met another Warrior, diagnosed just a few short years after myself, who is definitely on the same wave length. We are the guinea pigs, whether we want to admit it or not. Without MS Warriors, medical science has nothing. While we agree to allow chemicals invade out bodies with experimental drugs, the so-called "experts" in the field sit back and observe. And that's okay. It is necessary. If I can assist in eliminating the terror of the MonSter in the lives of future MS victims, I'm all in.

It doesn't take money to contribute to the awareness movement. It takes time. It takes compassion, smiles, an effort... 

If you can no longer walk in a MS walk, volunteer to hand out water bottles, cheer on participants at the finish line, encourage them on line.

An introvert like me? Grow your knowledge of this MonSter that insists on hanging out on a daily basis. Learn more about its weaknesses. Read. Attend support groups. Join a Face Book page. there are plenty out there. Share your words here on Lady with the Cane.

We do not have to face this thing alone.

Lisa, the (original) Lady with the Cane


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