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Happy 2019!!!!!

I don't do resolutions any more. Modeled in the form of a goal makes more sense. I love reaching goals and achieving things that force me out of my comfort zone or push me that much more whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Unfortunately, that sometimes requires a non-existent monetary foundation. I am keeping my fingers crossed that that non-existent moula will materialize in a week or so.

Last month I received a letter from social security disability informing me of my acceptance into the program. Or at least I think that is what it is. My ridiculous distrust of the system will not allow me to totally accept the possibility until I am "shown the money". Being in a positive state of mind with my glass definitely half full on this first day of a new year, I will mentally begin distributing funds:

1. Pay off all medical bills. These are exceptionally high right now with my son's hospital bill/procedures from November mixing in with my own ever growing mound of medical debt. Being sick really gets expensive! 

2. Because staying healthy is also quite a financial burden, but necessary. Next stop...the gym for physical therapy and exercise. It really paid off last time, but the money ran out. Now maybe I can afford to get back into the routine without stress over the expense.

3. Stop worrying about expenses. Maybe I can manage a tear free week for the first time in forever. If that happens then I am sincerely grateful to that system I once mistrusted.

Now for the personal goals (not requiring money):

1. Write more. Finish Letters to the MonSter and get it in print.

2. Actually query a few agents instead of just thinking about it.

3. Review more books for Readers Favorite. 

4. Improve my bowling average by at least ten pins. Last week my low game was 86; a fast improvement from 2018. To bowl a consistent 100(+) game would be awesome!

5. Complete all of my unfinished knitting projects.

6. Begin preparing for March MS Awareness Month RIGHT NOW, rather than waiting for February to sneak up on me. Last year I held twice as many book signings as the year before. March 2019 is the year I want to spread knowledge about this disease to as many people as possible. Potential venues:

Wood County Library: Lunch with an Author
Short Story Brewery
The Tea Shoppe at Seneca Center
Craft Connection
Book Warehouse at Tanger Outlets in Pennsylvania
any/all MS events that come my way

I am already getting excited about my annual daily blog campaign. A sense of purpose is so important in dealing with any kind of psychical infliction and my blog seems to fulfill a bit of a purpose.

So in 2019, I vow to take better care of myself by addressing my purpose as an MS ambassador. I hate this disease, but am not willing to lie down and allow it to defeat me. We all have a purpose in this life, believe it or not. MS is my disease for some reason, no matter how awful it may be. Just look at the progress that has been made in fighting multiple many new meds have been introduced just since I was diagnosed in 2001 and many more are being tested at this moment. We cannot give up. We must stay the course. We are Warriors.

                                Looking at the glass half full

Let us all work toward being the best "us" we can be in 2019.

Happy New Year!


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