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Foot Drop treatments

Through an adaptive, learning algorithm, the L300 Go detects gait events, providing stimulation precisely when needed making it easier for users to clear their foot at different walking speeds, on stairs, ramps, and while navigating uneven terrain. Doesn't this sound wonderful?                                                                                                                                                                  As you know if you read this blog regularly, a second request for further review of the L300 GO was denied. My immediate reaction was disappointment, followed by anger, ending in resolve  to create the BEST letter of appeal possible. In my mind there has to be a way to reach out to the powers that be and  convince them that this treatment is relevant. Or, is it? After a week of sharing my news and collecting suggestions, I decided to come to you for more information. Is there anyone out there who has worked with this electric muscle stim

L300 GO appeal update

L300 GO second appeal update: DENIED Okay, man, them's fightin' words. I have 30 days to file a third appeal, which I will do. The justification for this answer? Once again, a committee, individual, or robotic judge (Who knows?) decided that After review of the information submitted and your summary plan description, it was determined this service is not medically necessary, so it is not covered by  your plan.  The reply further states this device has not been shown to be helpful for foot drop related to multiple sclerosis. Well, UMR, PEIA, you evidently do not know how research of said device(s) works.  Get out of the laboratory and put on your human observation goggles. Wall what better way to determine effectiveness than to put the real life aspect into your research. If a muscle is not being challenged, that muscle will eventually die. Electric stimulation provides the challenge that I can no longer provide on my own power. Without human interaction how can

Hodge Podge of MS info

                      ...Warriors are their own physician. So,Warrior, heal thyself! Ten days since I mailed in my request appeal for coverage in acquiring L300 GO. Nine days since starting my latest journey with CBD oil. Since then I have received confirmation that my appeal is being reviewed AND I have upped my daily oil dosage from 3 drops to 5. The biggest change I've observed is that I'm in a much better mood, so maybe Zoloft will be the first med I can eliminate from my personal pharmacy. Will keep ya posted. Thinking positive about both ventures, but content with the outcome no matter what. I am NOT in control of my destiny and the man upstairs knows my needs, so it rests in His hands; but, I've got a brain and as long as that brain is functioning I'll continue to search for relief. And that's okay. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue fighting the MonSter by whatever means I am given.                               In fact I'm alread

CBD and MS

We warriors are a resilient breed. After speaking extensively with a CBD enthusiast over the weekend, i finally bit the bullet and bought the "good" stuff...all in the name of research. Things have changed a bit since my first CBD experience, including the flavor. This particular product comes in natural (an earthy flavor), peppermint (self-explanatory), and cinnamon (Yum!).Because particular brand (Hempworx) has ONLY two ingredients : CDB and hemp seed oil.   I decided to document my experience here, so if any of you are interested we can discuss our personal journeys. As you all know, MS is an expensive condition that requires careful thought to additional treatments and related expenditures, most of which are not recognized by insurance companies and/or medical professionals; so, every experience is a financial gamble. I started my new "treatment" on Saturday, October 26, 2019. The instructions direct you to take two-three drops under the tongue twice a

Bioness L300 Go

 Bioness L300 Go I did it. I'm done. Fingers crossed. I mailed my letter of appeal this morning. As much as I appreciate my pink leg, the thought of strengthening my muscles while wearing normal shoes is exciting.                                                             Order direct: and get free postage. I will donate 20% of all sales to the NMSS.

What if you could completely cure your MS?

                                          What if you could cure your MS? Have you ever fantasized about this? I mean, I often wish I could still run, walk in a straight line, control my bladder, swim with the no fear of drowning, or hold a writing utensil long enough to write a check. I often find myself thinking "oh, I used to be able to do that" when witnessing someone skip up a fight of steps or moving around on a dance floor. So, yes, if I could cure my MS, I would dance again, hike again, swim again...and I would not miss The Monster at all. That's the obvious answer to the question, right? After reading Mona Sen's article, I have been shown a more appropriate perspective on my reality. The cure probably won't happen in my lifetime, so I (we)need to learn from Mona's attitude. What if I Were Cured of My Multiple Sclerosis? I’d love to go back to relapsing-remitting MS, but I stop short at wanting to be completely cured.  By  Mona Sen

A person with MS walks into a bar...

                        ,,, especially when looking for a restroom. Once the initial reaction(s) of being diagnosed with MS is over, we Warriors are left to fend for ourselves...forever. If you're not living with the disease, it is no longer personal to many of those around you. While we are busy arranging our lives around our new companion, the MonSter, loved ones seem to melt back into a daily routine that does not include being ever mindful of furniture arrangement, allowances for extra time to prepare for events, medication schedules, nd bathroom locations. Bathrooms...the very topic on my mind We all know that knowing the exact location of public facilities is paramount to a Warrior's existence. Every second counts when thinking about visiting the loo... every second.  You know what I mean. Because I am not and never will be of the male species,  I am addressing the female species when I write this. Every. Second. Counts. The urge hits out of no where.

Letters to the MonSter

Dear MonSter, What would you say if I told you I think it’s time to kick you to the curb? You are no longer welcome in my life. You need to leave me alone, find a new host, because I am simply tired of your existence. You’ve become a parasite. You live off my pain. You zap my strength and interrupt my day. Simple tasks require abnormal amounts of time to complete the most simplistic chores. Because of you I am constantly dropping things; spilling and spending extra time cleaning up unnecessary messes. I want to get through a day without exerting energy that could and should be better spent on production. You make me late for engagements. Your greed robs me of a social life and imprisons me when others are out and about.  And, as you know, invitations cease after multiple refusals. No one wants to hang out with a party poop-er with a cane. Crowded venues are frustrating. No matter how hard I try to make myself “small”, it is difficult to hide from critical eyes.

letter of appeal x3

This week I will add (hopefully) one more support letter to my appeal to the insurance company in regard to their denying a request to aid  in the payment of the L300 Go.  After my PT evaluation on Monday, I fear it may be too late for this walking device to help in reactivating the muscle in my right leg. Any progress realized in prior PT sessions has gone south. My right hip is weak, weak, weak. What has that to do with my leg muscle, you might ask.  Everything. What the upper body cannot support effects the lower body and vice versa. All of our body parts work together to create a fully functioning unit. My body parts are obviously not communicating and communicating properly. And then there is the possibility that I am undergoing a "relapse", a "flare", or whatever it is we call the event of heightened MS symptoms. I wouldn't be surprised. My personal life hasn't necessarily been fun lately. Yesterday I messed up the date on a nail appointment

L300 Go, go, go

Today's the day. It couldn't come any sooner. The MonSter has been kicking my buttocks (isn't that  a fun word?) lately. Today I will receive my physical therapy evaluation in order to receive a letter from Rebecaa, my friendly PT. I will add this documentation to my impressive (If I do say so myself.) file of wordage that will be sent to my insurance company in hopes of then acquiring 80-20 percent  coverage for the L300 Walk Aid. I don't know if it's the fact that my brains so focused on the L300 or if reality is on my side.  has become extremely uncomfortable. A callus has formed on the bed of my right foot and must be "scraped" every few weeks. Fellow baby boomers might remember that Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn film in which the maid had a weekly appointment to get her feet scraped. That's what this reminds of. I am very, very concerned about the muscle in my right leg. It is beginning to look "withered" and is constantly crampe