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Letters o the Monster: disability woes

Certain that I am preaching to the choir, I am pissed that said choir is the very cause of my angst. I am pretty certain that several of you have filed for and (hopefully)  received disability due to the MonSter. This is something that I never really thought of as a possibility for me. Up until three years ago I worked every day of the week, participated in community functions, attended exercise class and even did my share of volunteering.  When I decided to take an early-type of retirement it was not an easy decision nor did I have adequate funds with which to retire in style. Frugality was and is most important. It never crossed my mind that retirement was a representation of  girl weekends in exotic locations, spur of the moment vacations,  fun expenditures "just cause", or lavish shopping excursions.  There would be no mid-life Maserati or time share in my later life future.  But I did hope to take it a little easy.  Ha! Multiple Sclerosis does not afford any

What are you doing for breast cancer awareness?

breast-cancer/beyond-awareness#1 It is so very easy to fall into the "me" rut of MS. We live with it every second of every day. It is our personal MonSter. As Warriors, we fight to bring awareness to this often unseen disease. We constantly remind the public that there is actually a person  behind that brave smile. We fight the good fight. We religiously take our meds, vitamins, and supplements. We cry through painful physical therapy and cringe when the bill collectors pretend to be our pen-pals. I constantly urge Warriors to remember that you are not alone.  Come March, I will devote countless hours to the cause of bringing serious attention to the MonSter. We represent the people behind the orange ribbon.  But this isn't March. October is the month set aside to bring greater awareness to a more deadly condition that plagues far too many women.                       October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.         Please take time to read this story beh