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Letters to the MonSter: Gilenya Day 4

Four days in and no side effects or ill results of my new med  journey. On Tuesday, September 25, at 8:45 AM, I swallowed my first dose of Gilyena after undergoing an EKG. For the next six hours my new friend Eric  monitored  my heart rate every hour. with my kitting in my lap and my mother at my side, the time (though it did not fly) moved by fairly quickly.We talked, I wrote, she worked crossword puzzles, I knitted, and we both looked forward to our reward at Barnes and Noble that shined rightly in our future. (The only sunny spot of the day since we also entertained ourselves by watching the wet deluge that fell over our view of the parking lot...with no relief.) Since Gilyena's biggest fault is the increase of heart activity, we were anxious at the end of each hour to hear a report on my own heart rate. If there was any sign of irregularity I would need to probably extend my stay to an over night visit. Of course that meant that Momma would get to drive my new car (Bonnie) h

Letters to the MonSter

Dear MonSter, I would like to blame this on you, but I can see your evil, little head just bursting with pride. THAT's not going to happen.  No, this was a totally a random, weird, mysterious car malfunction. My son and I parked outside an area pizza establishment to pick up dinner.    I went inside to get the pizza, came back to the car, laced the pizza on the back seat, positioned myself in the driver's seat, started the car (with my foot on the brake), and put the car in reverse. There was a horrible thunderous, grinding noise. Before my son could form a question, the car shot back wards into that pole you see in the background. I had no brakes.  We ended up trying to climb the pole in reverse. I finally jammed the transmission into Drive and the car took the hint and shot (and I mean SHOT) forward headed toward that wall in front of us. I managed to turn the wheel enough to the left to avoid a head on. That's what happened to the side of the car that you see

Gettng a new medical treatment Because I had no idea what happening to me nor did I even know what the letters MS represented, when it came time to begin medical treatment, my limited knowledge forced me to conform to whatever course of drugs put before me. Beta Seron, a self-injection, came into my life not long after my diagnosis. The only other two options mentioned were Copaxone and Avonex, both also injections. I didn't know the difference. My foggy head was full and heavy with information overload.  Willing to do whatever I was told to do, I learned to stick a needle into myself, keep an injection site map, and only cry in private. Initially I had to manually inject myself, but eventually Biogen came out with an automatic needle injector, which truly made the process less difficult as long as I didn't jump at the noise the injector made upon activation. I even go excited when, after a couple of years

9/11 Where were you?

Other than in March do I post multiple times during the week, but during my morning perusal of other MS blogs, I came across this very timely blog post. It reminded me early in the morn the significance of this very day: 9/11. Any major event of disaster prompts us to reflect on the basic question of "where were you?" There is no doubt that you know very well where you were when the planes hit the Towers.  Standing behind my podium in room 310 at Miller Junior High School, I looked up from my testing manual to glare at the intruder who opened the classroom door. I was giving a test. My students didn't need any distractions. That didn't stop the neighboring science teacher who came directly up to me and whispered in my ear "The Twin Towers have been attacked. Meet in Steve's office next period." I struggled to keep an unbiased face and continue my teacherly responsibilities. Several of my students were related to first res-ponders, fire

Awards, AFOs, and Car Crashes

                      Ever had one of those days? One of those weeks? Ever wanted to slap someone who asks such asinine questions? Well, here I am. Slap away. It just seems in the scheme of life, everyone has periods of severe confusion in personal existence. Not unheard of. Not uncommon. But, sometimes, we just have to refrain from a self-inflicted head banging session and scream, "Did that just happen?" Let me begin this tirade with the "good news". Every year Readers Favorite hosts an international book contest and every year I enter my newest manuscript. So far three of my first novels have been recognized in some way. At this point my YA novel Bombs Bursting in Air is already the recipient of four awards: West Virginia Writers first place, Mom's Choice Award, Literary classics Seal of Approval, and Literary Classics winner. As a five star reviewed novel, I felt confident in placing in this year's awards and would have been a little disappoint