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Letters to the MonSter Chapter 2:The Etiquette of MS

Dear MonSter,                      because...                                                                                            I realize that your job is to provide horrible physical anomalies, tamper negatively with the emotional health of your targets, and basically ruin any chance of an encouraging tomorrow; but even the devil has boundaries.  There are manners when dealing with multiple sclerosis. Society does not always abide by proper etiquette, especially when presented with differences imposed upon people; and, you, my MonSter, definitely provide a difference  that requires patience, patience, and more patience. MS Warriors tolerate you. That is the extent of your power over us. We tolerate your inconveniences. And while we are tolerating your presence in our lives, we are also forced to do so with the hundreds of assumptions that your baggage brings.  I learned a long time ago exactly what assuming means, and it is not an attractive image. As the cha

MonSter, beware!

As I scroll through my correspondence this morning, I see a trend unfolding that needs a FIX, big time. It is so very easy for anyone to become depressed, blue, or melancholy. MS Warriors are even more susceptible to this malaise because the MonSter robs us of things others often take for granted.  MSLuckDuck, you are a super hero. Life gets us down, for sure, but know that your thoughts and words lift me up every time I log onto your blog. MS-Understood, I am so happy to find a fellow lover of all things autumn! I lift my pumpkin latte (If I actually had one in my hand:) in salute of your day. The best season ever is right around the  corner. As for me, the tears are a bay today. It is going to be a great day. MonSter, beware...You do not touch me today! Lisa

The Mechanics of MS and Walking

                                             I don't know about you, but my walking talents tend to alter daily. At first I thought it was all about shoe choice. I have to wear flats of some sort that fit snugly to my foot and not allow any "flopping". That theory felt right, but when I realized that wearing the same shoe on consecutive days didn't necessarily work , I had to reevaluate my ward robe and   activity decisions.  One very strange thing I have noticed about walking comfortably is the texture on which I rest my feet. Until a year or so ago, the closest shopping mall had tiled or "hard" floors, making walking not as hazardous as some shopping areas. When the mall owners revamped and changed the main walking space between individual stores  with a rugged indoor/outdoor type carpeting, I could no longer walk without stumbling. I now hate going to the mall more now than I ever did. By the time I travel from one end of the building to the oth

Letters to the Monster Chapter One:Dear MonSter, I hate you.

Dear MonSter,  I am really, really mad at you right now. Normally I refuse to place blame on anyone or anything for which I have some semblance of control. I am in charge of my life and I will not honor anything as evil  as you in taking credit for anything that forces my emotions to jump out with such force. But, today, I have to. You are the culprit in all that is cry-worthy. You and you alone are the reason that my son has closed himself up in his room right now. He came to me a while ago to ask about lunch. I knew it was time to feed us and I was anxious to do jut that. But when he found me here at my desk I was not entertaining the menu. I was crying.  No, I was sobbing. Full blown, snot producing anxiety attack wretches.  Why? Hell if I know. but once it started there was no controlling it.  I tried to tell him that I was just wasting important time feeling sorry for myself, but I could't get enough air in my lungs to talk. Forget about trying to fake it and cove

My new AFO dream: Cane or no Cane?

MS and would think after over thirty-three years as a public educator that I would tire of all the "alphabet" indicators, but it is just a way of life.  At my new medical adviser's advice I began physical therapy two weeks ago and, if nothing else, am happy with the structured time dedicated to necessary stretching and strength building exercises. I am a bit more motivated to fight back against the MonSter. Rebecca, my therapist, is extremely helpful, encouraging, and, and uplifting. She not only takes an interest in our time together, but is brutally honest in her assessment of my physical health. She goes out of her way to assist me in ways no other medical professional has...and she gets excited about doing so. In fact, during tomorrow's appointment, I am to meet with a specialist to discuss the possibility of getting an affordable AFO (ankle foot orthosis) to light the offensive two on my right foot that interfere with walking. When Rebecca as