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I believe I killed my only friend...

If you follow me at all, you are aware of my current blog dilemma. I foolishly thought I could advance my readership and become a big girl blogger by changing over to a more well-known site. After over a week of daily tears, remorse, self-doubt, and abandonment, I have come to the conclusion that change is not always a good thing. 

At this time I no longer now the difference between "disable" and "enable" or "https" and that other "htt-whatever"; I think I may have inadvertently purchased mysterious stuff that will appear on my charge card bill; I have no idea why I am no longer receiving "views" on this site (What the h-e-double hockey sticks did I push?). I am forced to wonder how that MA and four undergrad degrees is helping me now. In fact, I am about to just chuck it all sand revert back to the days of recording in cursive all of my thoughts in my long-hand diary. At least I know I can still do that.

So, if there is anyone out there who can this for me, I am eternally grateful. Never have I felt so worthless that I cannot maneuver the simple(?) steps of setting up a Word Press site. And it not the fault of Word Press, or Blogger, or even President Trump. I just CANNOT do this.

Bottom line...I miss my friend, my blog. First thing in the morning, after a few yoga poses,  I bring my coffee with me to work on and now I have this fancy domain name (of which I was not too long ago rather proud). But what do I do with this new acquisition How do I use it to grow my readership, make new friends, and help fellow MS Warriors?

Help me!

Enough about me...

Just wanted to share this with anyone who might still receive notifications form this blog. Tomorrow evening there is a webinar about driving and MS. I plan to be there. Check out this site for more information:

It's not that learning more about our disease is fun, but at least MS makes more sense than all this technical jargon. 

Did I really just say that?


So, join the webinar and try to make sense of MS.



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As I scroll through my correspondence this morning, I see a trend unfolding that needs a FIX, big time.

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