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Alien feet?

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Okay, so after my initial reunion with social media,  I naively imagined today to be more productive. But, no...

For someone who doesn't spend much time perusing sites like Pinterest, my interest has suddenly piqued to the point that addiction be a possibility.

Hoping to find someone of like mind, I instead downloaded a slipper pattern I might knit for Christmas presents (oops, there goes the surprise). It looks fairly simple. Let me know if you give it a try.

And, then, I found this really neat yoga flow outlined for me.
✰ Yoga Inspiration✰ Leggings /Yoga leggings /Yoga pants/Art tights /Stretch pants /Printed leggings/ Custom design/Women Leggings #yoga #yogalovers #yogainspiration #tips #lovelycrafts #leggings #yogapants #print #stretching #pose #sport #life #namaste Since yoga seems to be the go-to exercise for us Warriors, I decided to share. That way we do not have to invent our own personalized routine. You're welcome.


Then, I discovered an entire page of memes that put MS in perspective to the causal reader-reluctant  on-looker. And because  this figure is essentially in the child pose... well, you get the picture.

Of course, any information on foot drop always attracts my attention, so the next image was a no-brainer. 

Drop foot
But, this digression is doing nothing for the original purpose of this blog post.

I have noticed for some time that my right leg doesn't tan any more, not just with direct sunlight but with the safer sunless tanning products on the market. Since this is also the side of m y body that experiences foot drop, I have attached a relationship there. While verbalizing my concern, fellow Warriors have chime in that they, too, have similar issues and feel that this is not a circulation problem, even though that makes the most sense. My right foot tingles and I experience spasticity and even painful cramps in my right leg. My right toes do not listen to my brain when I insist they obey my command to curl or point.

In fact, during closer inspection of this photo, my feet don't really match!

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

I have for some time questioned if these feet/legs belong to the same person. Sure, they are attached to my body, but following an extensive camping trip that was consumed with late night discussions of alien-related topics, the possibility seed has been planted. The question, though, is why? Why would any being, from this galaxy or not, desire to exist with such a mismatched pair of walking devices?

Because I my next neuro appointment is with an actual MS specialist, I have started a detailed list of questions and concerns to accompany me. I had no idea what types of questions to pose way back in 2001. Thew fact is that I really do not remember a lot of that summer of diagnosis. Such a blur...

So, help me out here, folks.

* Why are my feet different colors? What causes this? What can I do?
* What is the best treatment for my MonSter? When can I start? (I have gone without any disease modifying drug for several years.)
* Is there any type of affordable leg brace out there to aid in keeping me upright while walking?
* How can I learn of insurance plans that cover physical/occupational therapy or gym membership? (Exercising alone often adds to the pre-existing depression associated with any chronic illness.)

What more can I ask? I plan to go in with a complete arsenal of questions, as if I have not lived with this disease for seventeen years. 

So, there you have it. 
I think I will now go and actually get some work done.

Right after I check Face Book...

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