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A week long hodge-podge.

Okay, I'm d-u-n, dun. Finished, kaput, finis. No I'm not a quitter, just a realist. I learned long ago to work with what we have and not to reinvent the wheel. Well, that is what I attempted to do this week. It sounded like a great idea to change from Blogger to Word Press. It made sense and I am still not unconvinced that it would have worked better in the long run; but old dogs new tricks and all that...

                             BLOGGER  I am staying here where I am comfortable with not understanding the entire blogging process.  At least I can find my home page.

                             TECH FLUNKY If you are confused as to what I am talking about, don't fret. Your confusion cannot begin to match what I have been through this week. Frustration level over the roof. Now I just want to come back and muddle along as I am wont to do.

                             GOOD NEWS Other than the tech difficulties, it has been a pretty good week. A fairly new MS friend, Jennifer K., contacted me yesterday to let me know that her diagnosis has been confirmed and that she is scheduled to speak with a MS specialist later this month. I hate that this is her reality, but am relieved for her questioning mind. At least she now can form a plan of action and be solaced by the many unanswered questions tormenting her brain.

                             UPCOMING PLANS I, too, have an upcoming appointment to discuss my next MS chapter. Un-medicated for several years, I have reluctantly decided that it is time to once again begin treatment. On the indirect advice of Donna, an MS champion,  I hope to soon be joining her in the Aubagio Club. Next Thursday I will discuss this option with the PA who has taken over the MS specialist's (with whom I was originally scheduled to meet) case load as well as quizzing her about the closest M specialist in the area. Looks like I might be taking my MS journey on the road once again. Nothing like travelling two hours for a medical visit, but that is what I will gladly do if the results are more rewarding than my current situation. Evidently Dr. Murray no longer sees her MS patients. What?!

                              SHOO, MONSTER! If it's not one thing, it's another. The MonSter does it's own thing. As do most chronic illnesses. But, a rainbow can be found in the darkest of wells. Take a few minutes to look at these beautiful children that comprise the Justice League of Happiness Heroes. There is no room for negativity here!
Justice League

If you prefer the more negative of videos, be warned of adult language in the next video. While I do not approve of the word choices, I totally understand the message.

Bohemian Conspiracy

Well, I think I have enough of keyboards this week. Have a great weekend!



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