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If you like MS, you might love MS...The Pinterest irony.

If you like MS, you might love MS... As a rookie Pinterest user, I am fascinated with the wealth  of information, viable or not, that is shared n this site. The research is pretty much done for you. Not only do people go cray sharing sites and ideas, but the computer itself offers additional "likes", which is great. Unfortunately, a computer  cannot measure the human  aspect of language. Personal knowledge  of this very real truth came several years ago when the West Virginia  State Board of Ed decided that scoring/ evaluating  student writing would best be done electronically rather than by actual English teachers . Remember the writing assessment ? Every summer one hundred teachers from around the state  camped together in some pre-destined place of comfort for a week of unbiased "grading." Not only did this offer a much needed stipend for the participating teachers, we learned a great  deal about the students of WV, we formed a kinship of like-minded peo

Aubagio or Gilyena?

Last week I posed the need for questions to ask a new heatlh care provider. Well, my appointment  was yesterday, and I am quite pleased with the attention given me from Erica Blackwell at the Eye Institute in Morgantown. Although not a professionally trained MS Specialist, Erica epitomizes the passion that special health providers exhibit for the  MS War. Here is what I learned: Q: Why are my feet different colors? What causes this? What can I do? A: Possible circulation issue since the discolored leg is the "affected" side of my body. Compression socks could help. Physical therapy (which she prescribed) will possibly get me back on track with a more physically active lifestyle. Since I got a massage today that included reflexology,    I agree that circulation could be the culprit. For a few hours today after the appointment, my legs nearly matched. So, yes, this will be a regular indulgence for me. Q: What is the best treatment for my MonSter? When

I believe I killed my only friend...

If you follow me at all, you are aware of my current blog dilemma. I foolishly thought I could advance my readership and become a big girl blogger by changing over to a more well-known site. After over a week of daily tears, remorse, self-doubt, and abandonment, I have come to the conclusion that change is not always a good thing.  At this time I no longer now the difference between "disable" and "enable" or "https" and that other "htt-whatever"; I think I may have inadvertently purchased mysterious stuff that will appear on my charge card bill; I have no idea why I am no longer receiving "views" on this site (What the h-e-double hockey sticks did I push?). I am forced to wonder how that MA and four undergrad degrees is helping me now. In fact, I am about to just chuck it all sand revert back to the days of recording in cursive all of my thoughts in my long-hand diary. At least I know I can still do that. So, if there is anyone out

A week long hodge-podge.

Okay, I'm d-u-n, dun. Finished, kaput, finis. No I'm not a quitter, just a realist. I learned long ago to work with what we have and not to reinvent the wheel. Well, that is what I attempted to do this week. It sounded like a great idea to change from Blogger to Word Press. It made sense and I am still not unconvinced that it would have worked better in the long run; but old dogs new tricks and all that...                              BLOGGER   I am staying here where I am comfortable with not understanding the entire blogging process.  At least I can find my home page.                              TECH FLUNKY If you are confused as to what I am talking about, don't fret. Your confusion cannot begin to match what I have been through this week. Frustration level over the roof. Now I just want to come back and muddle along as I am wont to do.                              GOOD NEWS Other than the tech difficulties, it has been a pretty good week. A fairly new MS fri