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Today is the DAY.

In approximately four hours I will undergo the official physical in my application for disability. Even though I realize I have a right to this service, my pride just keeps throwing spit wads at me. I see people who look to be in worse shape than I. I read stories and hear on the news accounts of horrible tragedy and hardship. I pray that cures will found for MS, cancer, heart disease, ALS, depression...

And then I turn slightly to my right and...fall...on my face...for no apparent reason...

After cleaning up the mess I made when my fall knocked over the water glass on the coffee table resulting, in a ruined newspaper and a mound of soggy knitting yarn, I head to the bathroom to tend to the rug burn that scorches up the entire side of my leg and then put  Neosporan and a band aid on the gash on my forehead...all while fighting the tears...of self pity and humiliation...remembering that my gas tank and wallet are on E  and my appointment is forty-five minutes away...

That's when I realize that maybe I am an appropriate candidate to receive the financial assistance that this program might, could, will grant. With over thirty three years of work experience under my belt, I suppose I paid into the system long enough.

So, wish me luck. 
Have a great day,


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