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You are invited to Letters to the MonSter
 Well, the sun is shining at last and it appears that spring is sincerely here and hinting at summer weather.         That means I need a summer project; hopefully one that I can complete. With two young adult books   in various levels of completion, you will surely tells me how ridiculous I am to start yet another writing project. but, inspiration has no rules, right?            The entire month of March MS Awareness Month led to so many awesome   avenues  of expressions, fueling  my need to share and learn with  fellow MS Warriors. So, let's hare. Let's learn. In Letters to the MonSter,  my  goal is to allow fellow Warriors to vent, scream, rant, and exorcise the  MonSter out of our lives. Let's unite in this project to erase multiple sclerosis from our lives. As Leslie Hillburn stated in the preface to my last tome to this disease, "...the ONLY place you will get any support and unde

WV MS Summit 2018: My report

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, I attended my first ever MS Summit. Held at beautiful Stonewall Jackson Resort, West Virginia, the day's events further invigorated my need to learn more about my disease.  Between the multiple Warriors, speakers, doctors, and pharmaceutical  reps in attendance, I   came away feeling a bit more positive about the care I receive.   And the vocabulary lesson! Wow!  contractures bacteroidetes nutritionists allodynia hidtocompatibility oligoclonal bands Yep, with these terms I am now an MS specialist. Of course, I first need to know exactly what they all mean; but it is exhilarating to be included  in a professional discussion concerning MS. Let's get to the part that I truly did understand.                              2018 WV Multiple Sclerosis Summit Agenda I. Eric Dunithan (nurse) and Ericka Blackwell (physician's  assistant), both from WVU medicine, addressed how to make the most of a neurological appointment.  The Take