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What is your MS morning routine? #MyMS #Ladywiththecane

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Once someone very near and dear to me stated that I have an "agenda". I found that very complimentary. That meant I had purpose. Right? That was my perspective, anyway. Actually this was a stab at my need to have a plan instead of living n the moment and "going with the flow". That life style is quite attractive but not always conceivable. Especially for a person living with MS. Every day is a day littered with "agendas", right down to planning a simple activity around the proximity of the nearest bathroom. Explaining this to other people is oft more trouble than worth.

But, yes, I do have an "agenda". And it usually works for me. In fact, swaying from my said daily plan can bring undesirable consequences. 

So...welcome to my favorite morning routine...

The first thing I do after scuffing off to the bathroom, is pour a cool glass of water to relish "thoughtfully" as advised by The Girl with MS, Caroline Craven   ( This sets the tone for the rest of my morning and also offsets my subsequent intake of morning caffeine.

After sending my high school age son off to the bus stop at 6:49 AM, I usually finish off my first cup of coffee before gathering the yoga supplies required for a twenty minute session with my chosen instructional CD. This step is extremely important insetting the pace for the remainder of the day. Without this brief time of stretching, pulling, and twisting, the void is completely obvious. To me...maybe no one else, but my morning routine is personal.

When my body agrees that it is ready for the next step, I say my morning prayers. Eye still closed and hands clasped in the ritual Namaste position over my heart, I offer up concerns, thanks, and, blessing for the day ahead. 

Some of the most incredible things happen during this meditative time. As a writer I find inspiration for a current story dilemma. As as a mother I focus on being a stronger inspiration for my son. As a wife I seek for inspiration in dinner preparation. (My two guys are really picky.)  Regardless of the thoughts rolling around in my brain, I always find something related to that key word: inspiration. so early in the morning I am inspired. To write, to cook, to finish reading a book, to contact a long lost friend, to tackle that difficult knitting project, to pay the do something.

Something we as MS Warriors often set aside is our purpose. Even on our lowest days, we have purpose. I might not present itself as a monumental, life altering event, but it exists. I usually find mine during my morning routine. (Or in the shower where I cannot do much about it and usually forget what it was by the time I get to my pad and paper. But at least I was thinking, right?)

So, if my "agenda" a.k.a. morning routine leads me to a day of purpose, I'm happy.
Image result for images for purpose "agenda" is not a bad thing. A routine leads to purpose and positive feeling of self-worth. I firmly believe this to be a type of gospel.  If your morning routine sets positive results in motion, this agenda" cannot be a bad thing. 

Of course reality must play into this otherwise morning of calm. There are some things that cannot be over looked in my daily routine. It is time to clean my son's room, attend to the laundry, 
attack the mound of dishes I ignored last night, and then off to the market. Oh, goes on.

See ya next time,


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