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#MyMS Collecting Stories

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One very important thing I have discovered living with MS is the importance of staying "in touch" with the MonSter. Whether that means participating in clinical trials, joining a support group, collecting a blog list to follow, or reading about the experience of others...that's up to you. The purpose is to not give in to the feelings of despair. This emotional dip is to be expected and it isn't going to occur in a singular sense. It is ongoing an difficult to shake.

Even if you do not actually "meet" the blogger, the author, or the guest speaker, the point is to connect with another individual who knows where you are in life. Sometimes we just need to vent. That venting is only beneficial if the conversation is relative. There is nothing satisfying about being on the receiving end of a list of well-meant yet meaning less accolades. How can anyone now how you feel without really "knowing" how you feel?

This is the very reason that I actively search for like-minded individuals. Learning from others is the best way I can evaluate my own reaction to MS. 

As I prepare for March MS Madness, one of my goals is to connect with other individuals living my life. And since I just spent thirty minutes attempting to create a reading list on my blog site, let me share with you one of the blogs I want to follow.

I think what first attracted my interest in this blog is that the author looks to be about my age, plus she was diagnosed the same year as I. In my author mind of make-believe, that makes us sisters. Right?  Right. Because all the dancers in this reel are family. There is no way out. 

Also, Caroline Craven is obviously someone with clout. She is a Self Care Ambassador, for goodness sake! And she has a purpose. Purpose is everything thing with me. 

Now before you begin imagining royalty keep in mind that everyone of us, each and every Warrior, is an ambassador of self care. Because that is what we do. Every day. If you are living with any kind of disease, your job is to campaign against the ill effects of said disease.

Caroline Craven is doing just that.

I applaud her goal setting plan. The steps are simple to the uninformed, but the results are monumentus to those us who "know' from whence she comes.
So, in preparation for the coming weeks of MS Awareness Month, begin your collection of blogs, websites, and reading materials. I like Caroline's hashtag #takethatMS. It makes me feel one with the world of MS Super Heroes  out there.

Let's build a list of support for ourselves. Looking forward to sharing with you,



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