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MS is a thief, but I fight back!

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Wednesday I wrote a few thing things I miss in my daily life because of my MS. I miss my job as a teacher, yes, but there are many other voids in my life compliments of the MonSter. 

I fear that I might have sounded whiny and that was not, is not, my goal. It got the attention of few readers, though, and for that I am thankful. MS March Madness is fast approaching. That means that I will be blogging for thirty days in the month of March in order to draw attention to the injustices of this disease. But it's not just a whine fest. (There might be WINE involved, though.) Each year I encourage readers to join in the discussion and this year is no exception. During the month of March (or any time, really) I urge you to participate in my personal campaign by posting comments here or contacting me in other ways. 

My e-mail is and I am on Face Book. 

See? There is no excuse for not being part of my pitch to battle the MonSter by contributing suggestions and ideas about living with MS. I will do the leg work and research whatever you want to know about MS. Let me know what you want to read in March and I will do my very best to unearth some answers for you.

I, like you, am looking for answers.

Let's get back to Wednesday and answer the lingering question of what to do about the job I miss so much.

Yes, I miss my job, but I am constantly looking for ways to utilize the skills for which I was trained. I read weekly to a fourth grade class at a local elementary school as a Read Aloud volunteer. This keeps me in touch with young minds and the feel of the  classroom. I also work sporadically with our local Girl Scout troupe, fulfilling my need to work with young girls in an encouraging atmosphere. 

Volunteer work is fine and it is definitely fun, but doesn't pay the bills, so I make myself available for public speaking events. Normally I do NOT like to talk about myself, but when face-to-face with other MS Warriors I can unearth a whole can of Super Human strength. My book I Have MS. What's Your super Power? has made it possible for me to release the inner voice that needs to be shared in regards to living with multiple sclerosis. I admit that my MS is not as debilitating as some, but it is progressive (even with a diagnosis of relapsing/remitting) and I live with the daily fear of what is around the corner; To the point of measuring my door ways and analyzing the angles at which a wheel chair could navigate when and if the time comes. 

I am available for school visits, club functions, and professional or community meetings to inform, share, and ultimately learn from others with knowledge about living with this disease. If you are interested in hiring/inviting me to an event, please let me know. It doesn't need to be about the cost. It is about the experience.

While I am missing my classroom, I am attempting fill my days with alternative joys. I write to write at least two hours a day. I read voraciously. And I knit while binge watching my latest obsession.
(Currently it is Grays Anatomy. I am on season 8.)

But I need more...because MS has stolen more than my job. I has stolen the spontaneity of living. I has stolen the ability to enjoy physical activities and the simple joy of leaving the house without an extensive plan in motion. 

MS is a thief, but it I control just how much it steals away.
What has MS stolen from you? How do you supplement that void?

Anxious to hear from you!

Have a good weekend,


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