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Lisa's Friday Reviews: I may be in Maine, but I don't just review books..

Upon looking for an e-mail that I never received, I decided to search my trash; and guess what? Not only did I find the missing e-mail, I also unearthed quite a treasure. 

As a novice essential oil advocate, I am not unfamiliar with coconut oil, but the link below provides a wide world of uses that will keep you reading and pondering for days. But do not be overwhelmed. Grab your jar of coconut oil and experiment. 

Image result for images of coconuts

I can absolutely attest to the cosmetic value of coconut oil. After only three days of moisturizing with said product, my skin is amazingly soft. I haven noticed the disappearance of some fine lines around my eyes and mouth and my complexion has actually "evened". I am hoping that further application will eliminate that wobbly neck age forces upon us.

I apply the oil to my face and neck every morning and evening after a quick cleanse and let it dry. I also massage a little (and that is all you need) into my feet and heels. Guess I will have sandal feet all winter!

No, I am not a sales person. If I were, I would be even more broke than I am now. But I recognize a good thing when I see it, so I vote for coconut oil as the foundation of natural remedies. It really isn't that expensive when you calculate the price of the multiple beauty products lining  medicine cabinet. I call this one stop shopping.

My next plan of action is to begin experimenting with the internal use of coconut oil. I will keep you updated on my experience with the fuzzy nut.

As I enjoy my soft skin, I am also enthralled with Louis Dickinson Rich's We Took to the Woods. Originally published in 1942, Rich includes dusty photographs and vivid descriptors of her sojourn into the woods of Maine.     
I still have more to read, so I am with holding my review until next week so that I can give you a thorough impression. By then I will also have traveled to Vermont in reading my way across the US. I am not in any hurry and plan to enjoy my journey to its fullest. 

Don't forget to share your own adventure(s). I am anxious to hear about your own visit to Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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