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Lisa's Friday Review


Have you ever been punched in the gut by a book? 
Taken totally by surprise and anxious to get to he next chapter but reluctant for the story to end?
Gifts Unexpected by [Grant, T.C.]Well, that has happened to me twice this summer. I have already told you about Winds of Skilak. I am till not over that tsunami. 

Gifts Unexpected is my second storm of words that left me speechless. Not nonfiction as is Winds of Skilak, but t times I forgot that important detail. As I told the author in my Readers's Favorite review, "Wow". That is basically all I could offer. Just, "Wow".

Relax, Adela, it’s probably nothing,” is what she told herself that morning. The little lump hiding on the side of Adel’s left breast had not been there only weeks ago. At least she was not aware of it. And her last mammogram had been normal. A bit unnerved, Adela mentally shook off any concern as she decided to recheck in a few days. If it was still there, she would see her doctor. For now her time was better spent preparing for her son’s high school graduation that would leave her a true empty nester. Daughter Gwen was already tucked into her own life and Willie would soon follow. Working as a teacher’s assistant at the area high school kept her days busy, but the thought of all those quiet nights alone in an empty house left her emotionally drained. That is until the Spirit finds her. Suddenly cancer is not as scary as it once was in her mind. As she listens to her invisible adviser, Adela undergoes a double mastectomy and finds a true purpose n life.
GIFTS UNEXPECTED by T. C. Grant is exactly that. An unexpected gift. A highly emotionally charged drama filled with believable details and valuable information concerning end-of-life experiences, as we watch Adela work through her own cancer diagnosis. As she adjusts to a solitude life, an unexpected romance, and a life altering nightmare, we recognize the courage required to be a woman. Grant offers a page turning, reluctant to put down  story that twists a tragedy into a happy ending.

"What are you reading now?" you ask.

Well, it is always difficult to follow up a great read, but Sarah Dessen is a good attempt. so far, she is NOT disappointing. Once and for All is the latest in Dessen's arsenal of YA treasures. 
Once and for All by [Dessen, Sarah]When my niece told me that she and her roommate were attending a Sarah Dessen book launch event, I nearly wet myself. (Oh, that's no big deal. MS allows that to happen quite often. But, this was BIG news, none-the-less.) So, yes, she got me a signed copy that I have caressed all summer until actually committing to it last night. And, guess what, another punch in the gut. It is going WAY TOO FAST. Dessen fans and all lovers of YA, get your fingers on this ASAP!

Have a great weekend and KEEP READING!


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