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Friday Book Reveiws on a Tuesday

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Release Date: July 1, 2017 Literary Classics
SOUTH DAKOTA – One of the most anticipated moments in the world of children’s and young adult literature has arrived. The 2017 Literary Classics Top Honors Book Award recipients have been announced. Selected from submissions by entrants around the globe, these distinguished honorees are recognized for their contributions to the craft of writing, illustrating, and publishing exceptional literature for a youth audience. In this highly competitive industry these books represent the foremost in literature in their respective categories.
Literary Classics created the Top Honors Book Awards in an effort to recognize the most distinguished books for children and young adults. The Top Honors Book Awards are awarded in conjunction with the Literary Classics International book awards program and honors books in four categories for children's and young adult literature. Only one recipient in each of four categories is named in this highly selective program.
The Literary Classics selection committee is proud to recognize this year’s titles in literature which exemplify the criteria set forth by the Literary Classics Top Honors award selection committee.
FAITH BASED - GOLD Bombs Bursting in Air Lisa McCombs Headline Books
EARLY READER PICTURE BOOK - SILVER Corinne's Fin Dayle Dabney, illustrated by Ashley Teets Headline Books
CULTURAL - SILVER Hopping to America: A Rabbit's Tale of Immigration Diana Pishner Walker, illustrated by Ashley Teets Headline Books
A complete list of all Literary Classics International Book Award recipients and corresponding award levels, including links to Literary Classics' reviews of all award-winning books, may be found at The competition this year was tremendous and we congratulate all finalists for their outstanding and inspiring work. All Silver, Gold and Top Honors award recipients will be invited to attend a writers’ conference, awards ceremony, formal gala, and other related events to be held in conjunction with the Great American Book Festival, Labor Day Weekend, 2017.
Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic literature which appeals to youth, while educating and encouraging positive values in the impressionable young minds of future generations.
Judging is based upon the criteria set forth by Literary Classics’ highly selective awards committee which honors books promoting character, vision, creativity and learning, through content which possesses key elements found in well-crafted literature. The Literary Classics judging committee is comprised of experts with backgrounds in publishing, writing, editing, design, illustration, and book reviewing. To learn more about Literary Classics, visit their website at
Everyone loves an award winner, right? Book awards represent quality stories, amazing illustrations, and exceptional promotion.
Well, here are three pieces that exhibit all of the above, plus some.

Dayle Dabney's Corinne's Fin is a lovely story about courage for the younger reader. Illustrated by Ashley Teets, any reader will be blown away by the colorful depiction of Corinne and her fellow wildlife pals. A wonderful lesson in acceptance, tolerance and diversity, Dayle Dabney has created a whimsically creative story for readers of all ages.
Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Literary Classics Book Award Finalist
Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval

London Book Festival Honorable Mention
Reader’s Favorite International Book Award Honorable Mention

Want more of those beautiful illustrations? Ashley Teets does it again with Hopping to America, written by Diana Pilsner Walker. Hopping to America is a rabbit's tale of immigration from Italy to America, landing on Ellis Island. The rabbits venture on to Clarksburg, West Virginia taking their heritage and culture to their new home.  To date, Walker has received the following recognition for her ingenious view on immigration so prevalent in Wet Virginia.
Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Literary Classics Book Award Finalist
Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention – Best Children’s Book
Reader’s Favorite International Book Award Honorable Mention
Indie Book Award Finalist – Best Multicultural Fiction

Sitting in a movie theater with her dad, Meri checks her phone for a good time to go to the ladies’ room. She leaves during a battle scene and meets her soon-to-be new best friend, Fiona, in the restroom. To their mutual horror, a bomb goes off in the theater. Meri awakes in the hospital to find out her world is changed forever. Coping with PTSD is real to veterans and to those of all ages who experience shocking horror and loss. Meri sees the changes to her family and her life and with the help of an unlikely friend, her faith, and her family, is able to move forward to a new future. Bombs Bursting in Air by Lisa A. McCombs is an awesome addition to YA fiction that concentrates on Christian values so often absent in this reading experience for teen readers. (Oh, yeah, and Ashley Teets designed the book cover!)
Mom’s Choice Award
Literary Classics Book Award Finalist
First Place WV Writer’s Award
London Book Festival Honorable Mention

Literary Classics Gold Seal of Approval

Headline Books produces a remarkable assortment of award winning books, provides speakers for special events, and involves a "family" of authors under the protective and watchful eye of our mentor, Cathy Teets. The authors highlighted in today's article are finalists in this year's Literary Award Winning Book Awards. Share in their success and visit the Headline page to learn more about Headline Authors and their books.
Happy Independence Day, America!


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