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Sometimes you just have to go back to bed.

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About once a week I just have to return to bed after my son leaves for school. I always feel rather guilty, but the benefits are too awesome to regret.

I am an early bird and always have been. I like to rise with the sun and enjoy a few hours of being home alone. But about every ten or eleven days I awake with a heavy head and my eyes just will not focus on daylight. So I lock the door and crawl under my bed covers. 

This morning was one of those days. I had nothing to look forward to anyway. My son had eaten all of the cereal and I am out of yogurt so there goes my morning meal. Why not sleep until noon? My planned lunch today is a piece of left over bbq chicken and an ear of corn. That sounds like something to wake up for.

Now don't get me wrong. I did NOT sleep until noon. Just until 8:30.

That's when it hit me that I am "living the life". I get up every morning, bid my fellows farewell, wave at the weather man on WBOY, pour myself a cup of coffee and fire up my computer to spend the day doing what I love to do. I write for an hour every morning. Then I read until noon. At which time I gather my meager lunch and return to the computer to write the day's review.

Retirement hasn't been the kindest to me financially, but that is my fault and there is no turning back in regards to my lack of foresight as well as the inclusion of the MonSter in my life. So, I forge ahead and make the best of it. And I am truly blessed to get to spend my time doing what I love best: WRITING AND READING. So cool.

So what if I caught a few extra zzzzzz's. 

Since one of the major symptoms of MS is lassitude, any extra rest I can get is great. Lassitude can occur any time of day, even after a restful night of sleep. According to the experts, lassitude  is the result of  poor nerve conduction due to damaged myelin around the nerve fibers of the central nervous system.

The fascinating thing about lassitude is the immediacy of its timing. It comes on suddenly and is generally a daily event. I have pinpointed my time as between 9:00 and 10:00 PM. No matter how rested I am I literally shut down at that time. And I mean, literally. My brain fogs, my eyes droop, my drop foot falls off and I am usually asleep before I get to my bed. 

Tell me it is old age. I dare you. Because I am not old. Image result for thumbing nose emoticonSo there.



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