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Last Day of MS Awareness Month

This is some exciting news! Great way to top off MS Awareness Month.

When we really get low, it i encouraging to read someone else's MS story.

Hats off to those Warriors who put themselves out there for radical procedures. Whether it be medical...

or physical...

or natural...

or educational...

I could sit here all day copy/pasting web sites that proclaim any kind of news you want to know about multiple sclerosis, but, hey folks, I really do have a life beyond what the MonSter dictates. (Shhhh, don't let that out. He will get cocky and try to ruin my weekend.) Yes, I could do that for you, but I know you want to do it for yourself. Right? Exert that independence. 

As you seek balance in your life with MS, I hope that my efforts this month have helped with providing you are more healthy attitude and encouraged you to adopt Common Sense as your new best bud.

Common Sense is as important as your physician's opinion in choosing an appropriate diet and  exercise regime. You know your body and its limitations better than anyone, so while you are pushing yourself maybe a little further every day (physically, mentally, emotionally), know the difference between true pain and the possibility of getting it done.

Stop trying to keep up with the Jones's and like yourself  for who you are. Because, guess what, you are so much better than those people. YOU are a Super Hero.

YOU are living life with an extra weight hanging on your shoulder, but, in the words of the great and powerful Wizard of Oz "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" (Thought you were going to get some astounding word of wisdom, didn't ya?)

The Wizard is kinda on spot, though. We will never be able to actually ignore the MonSter, but there are so many things we can do to set it aside. Make that hair appointment. Shop for comfortable jersey blends, and comfortable shoes. Make time for yourself: whether it be by reading, yoga, or spending some quiet time to regroup and focus on your day.

It is not necessary to involve yourself in the politics of multiple sclerosis, but seeing as how you are the ultimate expert on the disease, your word holds carries a big punch. Who better than you, a MS Warrior, to tell the world the truth about this horrible, horrible disease? Do not allow vanity to interfere with your right to be heard. As the congressional naysayers are nodding their head in agreement just to shut us up, we continue to live with the cost of MRI's and the treatment for recurring UTI's.

While we can do be pro-active by taking those all important vitamin D (Remember? I cheated here with the letter M?) supplement and consuming plenty of water, we need to not forget that we are no alone. You are in no way committed to interact with the folks in on-line support groups, but they are there. Waiting and willing to welcome (my alliteration for the day) you with open arms. No judgement.

By embracing the warmth of your friend and family, and opening yourself to the possible benefits of new experiences and alternative treatment, like  the essential oil frankincense, we are on the road to not allowing  MS to win. Remember that, by being pro-active, you are in the driver's seat and not falling asleep (zzzzzzzz) behind the wheel. You are actually in the driver's seat. Even on the most difficult of days, never let the MonSter see ya sweat. He likes having the advantage and cheating him of any pleasure is our goal.

Thirty-one days in March, thirty-one days to announce to world the need to be aware of multiple sclerosis. Today is the day. I have accomplished my goal of blogging every day this month and I am already missing this morning mission.

I know I do not have to stop and I will not...I am just going to take a couple of days to play with my website. Yes, I am taking the plunge and buying my own domain. Nothing will change for you, the reader, other than suffering throw a few formatting trials as I play with the layout of my site. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, or complain as this process unfolds, because I could use all the help I can get. Computer design stuff totally befuddles and often bores me, but this is my mission.

Although this is the last day for a chance to win a copy of I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?, the day is not done. You have plenty of time to follow this blog to win. (Actually, seeing as how tomorrow is that infamous April Fools Day, I will not announce a winner until Sunday. There re no jokes on Communion Sunday, right?) And there is always time to order a copy, postage free, from me. A portion of all sales will be donated to NMSS.

I have enjoyed sharing my MS alphabet with you and hope it has given you lots to think about. 

Love and Light,


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