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Okay, I've gone all political on you.

"Clinton and Trump are two of the most unpopular presidential candidates ever to run in the US race for Commander-in-Chief."

This is a direct quote from this morning's national news broadcast. According to national poles, these candidates barely hold 50% interest of their own political race. If we weren't alarmed before, the red flags should be flying high now.

How do we elect a national leader when our choices are not even good ones?

When The Donald initially made his announcement, I really enjoyed the debacle of him. His comments were (and are) ludicrous. His antics were (not now) humorous. He just added a really needed giggle to my morning. I really believe him to be a diversion tactic, but he is serious. Oops...

Although I am a registered Democrat, Hillary never emitted such emotions from me. She just annoys me. The thought of listening to that voice for the next four years sends non-MS related chills up my spine. West Virginia (my home state) is suffering right now and Hillary doesn't seem to get it that our biggest industry needs all the support it can get. Instead she attacks the coal business and the coal miners that work so diligently to keep our nation's lights on. Hel-lo...When you awake to the sound of an electric alarm clock tomorrow, Ms. Clinton, thank a West Virginia coal miner. The only positive thing about Hillary Clinton is her husband.

It sounds as if I have claimed my constituent in this, probably the biggest and most controversial presidential race in history, but I haven't. I really do not see much of a choice. I admire Bernie Sanders for sticking in there until the end, but really wish he would throw all of that campaign money my way if he is so intent upon wasting it. I could put it to good use.

While all of the hoopla is occurring around him our current president ids planning the rest of his life that probably includes a beach and an umbrella drink. Good for him.

I kind of sound like ll this political stuff interests me, but, honestly, I do not know as much as an informed voter needs to know. I really do not know anything about the health plans that the D and R are proposing, and that has been a BIG concern of mine of late.  How are these candidates and their parties dealing with health care and prescription policy? I am much more interested in this than my rights as a gun owner. And transgender bathrooms? Puh-lease. this is obviously  another rouse to distract the American public from more serious issues. And I do not really care if this statement offends...Common Sense needs to take a stand.

Wow, I have truly taken a Monday morning rant, when all I really wanted to do was wish you a good morning and check on your Random Acts of Kindness campaign.  How is that going for you? Are you gong to add that badge to your sash? I know you are and we will check in with that tomorrow.

For now I am going to turn off the television and find something soothing to listen Megadeath or Zeppelin.



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