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Don't be concerned, it's just MS relapse. And it's a long one!

"Oh, I know what you're going through. Been there, done that."

"Have you tried taking a daily aspirin?"

"Well, maybe if you get more exercise you could get around better."

"Don't be so dramatic. You're taking medication for it."

"I'm sorry you feel so poorly. At least you know this is temporary."

Do any of these comments sound familiar? Even when we go out of our way to explain the "flair ups' that accompany   multiple sclerosis, these debilitating symptoms cannot be adequately described.

By definition, a relapse is the appearance of new symptoms or the aggravation of old ones. A relapse usually lasts 24 hours or longer; sometimes even for weeks. A relapse is caused by inflammation in the bran or spinal cord. A relapse is actually the outward sign(s) of disease activity and the episode needs to last for at lest a day to be considered an actual exacerbation. Symptoms that occur and are not related directly to MS are referred to as pseudoexacerbations.

With a pseudoexacerbation often comes panic. Is my MS getting worse? Is the disease progressing  more rapidly than I ever expected?

The answer to these questions is probably a strong negatory. (I think I made up that word, but you get the idea.) the effects of a pseudoexacerbation gradually subside, leaving no lasting harm.

I am actually relieved to hear this, because that means I cannot blame every little ailment on the MonSter. This doesn't make these symptoms any less worrisome, though. It means that we need to be more aware of what our personal MS-related relapses look and feel like.

MS Relapse Symptoms
A relapse lasts at least 24 hours in the absence of an infection or fever. In contrast, a pseudo-relapse is not a worsening of the disease—it's the temporary flare-up of symptoms that have occurred before. And, episodes come and go very quickly, typically within 24 hours.
8 hrs
MS Relapse Symptoms
A relapse lasts at least 24 hours in the absence of an infection or fever. In contrast, a pseudo-relapse is not a worsening of the disease—it's the temporary flare-up of symptoms that have occurred before. And, episodes come and go very quickly, typically within 24 hours.
‪#‎teachmems‬ ‪#‎MSawareness‬

From my own experience, I am strongly aware that heat is my biggest kryptonite. I have learned to steer clear of activities that involve extended exposure to the sun or hot environments. My limbs tingle and go numb. Cog Fog washes over me. My face feels like it draws to one side and my speech become garbled. I feel light-headed and a bit drunk. Forget about walking the straight line to demonstrate my sobriety because my legs will prove me wrong every time. If I follow this strict regimen, these symptoms normally dissipate within an hour:
1. Find shade
2. Drink something cool (Frozen lemonade works for me!)
3. Place cool clothes on the base of the neck and forehead
4. Maybe close the eyes and take cleansing breaths
5. Block out distractions and do not panic

Because heat is my enemy, I pay close attention to my body when exercising, outside in the summer, or when I might be fevered due to an infection or illness.

I also know that fatigue or stress can aggravate my MS symptoms. Fatigue and stress can aggravate anyone's physical attitude, though, so careful attention is sometimes warranted to draw the line between MS and every day stuff. 

My point here is to not run to the ER every time a symptom flairs. No, I am not demeaning your fear or dismissing your pain. Remember, I live with it also. 

I'm just reminding you NOT to be an alarmist. 

Neurological treatments for relapse vary. Early on I 

welcomed the use of steroids the quell the beastly 

symptoms of relapse. Corticosteroid treatment is amazing...

if it works for you. While steroid treatment makes me feel

like I can rule the world,  a dear friend complained that 

steroids turned her into a total "B" word.

Only you and your doctor can make call on steroid 

treatment for relapse. Treating MS has been referred to as 

more of an art than a science. This involves you and your 

MS team working together to find what works best for you.

Upon questioning a group of Warriors on one of my favorite 

Face Book page groups, I collected a very thorough list of 

#1 MS Super Hero kryptonites. I bet you can relate. No, I 

know you will be nodding your head in total agreement as 

 you read the following list.






Over-stimulation...visual, audio, mental....sensory overload I would call it


Heat + humidity


Over stimulation, definitely!!!!


Pain and cognitive issues

 Heat, cold

Stress and humidity

Heat and stress.

 Heat, over stimulation, bowel and bladder. Fatigue, insomnia


 balance/walking and bowel incontinence are most embarrassing


Weakness, balance,walking

 Pain and no energy...oh and bowel issues...I hate that!!!!!



 Vertigo, cold, fatigue and stress
 Not having the stamina/energy to do what I once did. This brings on severe depression for me.

 Heat, fatigue, foot drop, bowel and bladder urgency. LOL but I have had MS for 30 years so it's my new normal. I just symptom manage based on the weather, my strength, and what can be accomplished that day or sometimes within an hour. Good luck! I miss school soooooooo much! I dreamed of law school and becoming a criminal defense lawyer. xoxo

Fatigue, stress and heat for me smile emoticon

 Heat - from outside or even the shower ---- get it a bit warm in the morning and I MUST GO BACK TO BED.

Humidity....and headaches from my eyes straining to see....makes me want to rip my eyeball out

 Hug,Fatigue PAIN that feels like toothache.

 Vertigo, numbness in my hands, MS hugs in abdominal area, lower immune systems mean longer heal time and easier to catch colds. Use of canes and walkers for balance. Tons of different meds to control different symptoms.


 MS Hug



 Heat, cold, noise, fatigue, no appetite, balance, bladder, constipation, insomnia, numbness, memory, concentration.

 Fatigue and heat intolerance

Memory loss

Attention span, gone.
 Fatigue and heat
 weakness,numbness on left side of body,heat,fatigue,balance,trouble walking and stress


Unable to think clearly or remember information.

Thought process unable to get what I want to say out.

 I miss running and walking the dogs

Cognitive problems!! Fatigue and stress


 Energy and headaches Brain Farts to me are awful.
 Walking. Unable to feel my feet and right side. Pain. Spasms in right foot and leg. Speech is slurred. Double vision in both eyes and sight very poor in right eye. Fatigue most of time. Bladder problems. Laugh when I shouldn't. Memory loss. Unable to sleep. I'm sorry you just wanted one.

 Short term memory is shot after almost 20 years! Off ALL DMDs!

 Cold intolerance!

 Fatigue and major major short and long term memory loss.


 Fatigue!!! Hands and feet numbness and tingling. Heat and cold intolerance.

 Walking, is my biggest complaint


 I get really weird symptoms, like right now the big toe on my right foot feels broken, this is not the first time for my toes to feel this way on either foot.


 Kryptonite : Heat HEAT HEATTTT, and or lack of sleep (with newborns)

 Bladder issues.


 Heat + MS = fatigue

 Humidity /Heat


 You are the first one to say that about the toe, makes me feel better that I am not the only one with that strange symptom!

 The heat!


 Heat/fatigue/bladder issues

 Cognitive problems.

 The heat which makes the fatigue much worse and the sweating which causes me to be unable to do normal activities.

Short term memory loss, numbness in hands and fingers, weak kne

Cognition, balance/stairs and fatigie.

 Heat and doctors that do not believe that there is pain associated with MS

 Heat intolerance. Cog fog. Fatigue.

 Leg pain which affects walking. I still drive enough to more than get by. I don't use a cane or walking aids on daily basis just motorized carts at stores. Bladder/bowel issues rank really high because of inconvenience.

 Heat. It brings everything on. Fatigue, walking difficulty, cognitive disfunction, numbness and tingling, weakness, etc. Depending on what the flavor of the day is.
 feeling inadequate!!!

 Ms hug/costocondritis, had some chest pain daily since Jan 2.

 Interrupted speech, brought on by anger, stuttering, etc, heat intolerance, loss of use of left hand because of numbness, dropping everything I hold onto. Dropped foot, causing dragging and constant stubbing of toe!

 Being tired ALL THE TIME.

 There's a couple of issues but for me the one that gets me the most is memory issues.

 heat intollarence, i wilt in direct sunlight

 Leg drop, legs dragging

 Hot weather causes major fatigue, along with seizures if i become over heated. Cold weather brings increase of pain.

 Heat - can be a fever or the weather

 Heat sensitivities number one... stinging pricking feeling numbness in hands and feet #2... fatigue #3..feeling that im going to faint #4. Head feeing weird brain fog with blurred dimmed vision #5 leg pains and throbbing sensation comes in at a close 6.. And being in the cold brings about worsening of these symptoms. Lastly bladder spams along with urgency of having to urinate continually and anxiety attacks.

 Heat fatigue memory swallowing problems numbness body temperature changes

 Overheating is definitely my kryptonite. My brain fries, I am feeling as though my body is burning from the inside out. Icepacks applied to my legs and body and neck and arms melts rapidly. If I could be placed in a bed in a walk in freezer with the ice would melt.

 The heat is the same for me 


 tired all the time, I sleep more than I'm awake

 Bladder problems


 Bladder and cognitive problems


 Stiffness and cognitive along with balance.

 Vison issues and how it impacts my driving / not being able to drive at night.

 baccafin took my legs away

 The belief from others there isn't pain w ms.. no pain my foot!


 Balance, foot drop,

 balance and right frozen fingers.

 Heat/resultant cramping.

 Heat! causes paresthesia.itching,burning of skin

 Walking / balance issues for sure.... heavy legs, foot drop

 walking/balance problems, loss of my bladder

 heat, balance and not being able to poop on a normal schedule

 My biggest complaint is that my right leg is very weak. I am still walking - with a Walkaide and a cane. It is a struggle.

 HUMIDITY!! It suffocates me tightens my body beyond comfort emotionally wants to put me in a place I don't want to be in and I fight it even when I try to ignore it

 my balance is very poor, heat affects me most

 Wow! You folks are the best. I am currently writing a common sense book to dealing with the MonSter and really needed some practical input from fellow MSers. This is fantastic.Does anyone oppose to me adding these comments verbatim to a chapter entitles Comments from the Crowd?

 tireness all the time balance issues memory issues sniffness heat and cold intolerance pain all over weakness in legs arms trouble sleeping wake up soaking wet.

 My biggest two are HEAT and stress. I absolutely hate summer. If I get hot I get so weak and shakey I feel like I'm going to faint. And I can't do anything to stop or help it except stay cool. The stress issue is something I just have to be careful about and figure ways to relax. Easier said then done sometimes but necessary. Yes, you can quote me. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

 Fatigue and heat.

 Balance and weak legs are a big problem. It keeps me from driving. Remembering anything is very hard. Sometimes I have to read a paragraph 2 or3 times before I can remember it and continue.

 Phantom itching ...
Drop foot. Feels like someone has my foot in a vice a large majority of every day. Spasticity also very bad in one leg.

 Other people!!

Slightly off track,,, semantics,,,,doctors saying there is no "pain" associated with ms,,,,,,,

 Weakness in legs n leg spasms

 Drop foot and uncontrollable spasticity at night

 Fatigue and cold


 unable to remember anything

 Visual disturbances



 Right now the heat and humidity, stuck in house 24/7 and hate missing the summer by being in the house. But if I go out at all I get so weak I will fall down and the pain will go thru the roof.

 heat and overdoing things is my worst

 PAIN! In my legs and most recently arms, The MS hug wich is an awful name, and almost the worst my brain cognitive forget tons, can't learn new things don't remember people. I don't like too drive cause I always forget where I'm going and sometimes forget where I am and have to pull over

 Heat HEAT HEATTTTTT. And balance. But the heat wears me out.


 Heat and Cold

 Heat and Humidity def balance too, fatigue has to be my #1, but heat gets me to that point quicker

 Crumbling teeth, fatigue, and pain

 peripheral nerve damage makes me itchy 24/7. sometime i cut my self when i scratch.

 I've not heard of the crumbling teeth; but that may explain why I keep chipping mine.

 Uhtoff's phenomenon - heat is one of our worst enemies. Having to always have a "cooling off" plan can be burdensome, as well as the bulky, wardrobe fail (lol) of a cooling vest.

Stress is another, which is so hard to learn to recognize until our bod...
See More

 Fatigue and pain in head and face (kind of like lightening bolt)
One of my (many) kryptonite is always hiding. Hiding the pain. Hiding the fatigue, hiding symptoms and saying "I am ok." This is so I am not always a "Debbie downer" so people won't mind being around me. I internalize it, thereby increasing stress.

Family drama.

 HEAT!!! It causes so much damn depression that I cannot even get to Walmart without getting sick! The burning sensation in my pelvis and my legs, and TREMORS!!

 Humidity & stress. (Aka hiding how I really feel & doing too much just to prove I'm not a useless lump!)

 Fatigue and heat.

 Fatique and nerve pain

 Pain, cog fog, and fatigue!

 Heat, humidity and isolation/loneliness

 Stress and gluten.

 Like many of you fighting the heat and humidity, which is causing increased fatigue, and pain. I'm sooooo sick if being inside to deal with it!! But I have the same problems with the humidity in the cold. ughhh!!

 Heat, humidity, depression

. Cold. Stairs. Depression. Memory loss. Unable to open food without aid of scissors or kids. Migraine over a year. Sleep too much.

 Pain,heat and fatigue

 fatigue, nerve pain, humidity, depression

 Heat, depression, memory loss


 Heat, FATIGUE, weakness, numbness, memory issues, etc., etc., etc.

 "you don't look sick"

 Fatigue, Balance
Memory issues unneducated people who make comments

 Poor balance in

 Loss of appetite

 fatigue, weakness, cognitive issues, bladder issues, PAIN, & MORE PAIN, depression,

 Fatigue and heat


A messed up brain - no short term memory, forget everything I am supposed to do, can't do it right anymore.



 Pain, heat, fatigue, stress

 fatigue and stress


 Heat, seizures, vision

 Stress and heat


Heat, stress & Cog Fog.

 Stress is another huge one, it's like the silent exacerbator

 What, can no one see t? smile emoticon My big pain is a loss of memory. I have the other things mentioned, but forgetting my son's is horrible. Why can't I remember my son's names? It is a tough sentence. I use pet names, that helps sometimes.

 Heat, fatigue, stress, and speech issues. Oh and tremors when I'm trying to do something with my hands.

Bladder/bowel incontinence, Heat, Fatigue, A LOT of Pain, Balance, Dizziness, Numbness, Muscle Spasms and of course uneducated, ignorant family/friends and society in general making comments about how we're not sick, that we are just seeking attention and drugs, all because we look fine on the outside!!

 dizziness/balance, permanent double vision

 Heat. Stress. Latin men

 Fatigue, dizziness, temperature intolerance

 Foot drop

 Balance and pain#1. Optic neuritis and damage trying to take right eye. Total hearing in right ear and specialist its permanent. Bladder, so many broken bones and falls. Now having swallowing issues, which is scary. Double vision

 This time of year I have to say heat/humidity, but in the winter, cold really gets me as well. So for me, it's temps to far out of the comfort zone either way.

 humidity being so high that in the heat I turn into a wet sponge, and cold weather slows me to a crawl. spacticity and pain

 I like the months that are right in the middle wink emoticon

 Steps, or walking up a moderately steep slope - turns my legs to jello everytime. But, so grateful to be able to walk.


 Isn't this the ms the best and even better they know nothing about it.

 fatigue , stress, pain, dizziness, numbness those are what bothers me the most .... oopps there's another i almost forgot ... insomnia!! lol

 Heat & memory

 Muscle spasms

 Walking/standing, Heat/humidity, other illnesses, bathroom issues, trying to multitask...nervous pressure.



 All of the above^^

 Fatigue 😬

 Fatigue, heat and memory are my biggest issues amongst others...

 Aches, fatigue

 fatigue and missing not being able to walk

 not being able to walk

 Heat ,fatigue ,walking

 walking and balance

 Balance & Heat



 Heat and walking like I am drunk!

Waling and balance.....

 The numbness and tingling that is constant in my feet and legs

 Not being able to walk


 Walking and balance

 Weakness, Fatigue and Balance

 also cognitive issues, mentioned above. i'm so lost in my own head that I don't really know or seem to care much about the world around me. I do, I'm just lost in my own head and it sucks. I'd talk to people more but I'm afraid that I'll sound worse because I'm so confused. Balance is shot, I hold on to things when I walk, but I'm thankful that I can still walk! (small victories)

 "penis numbness" If I get that permanently, just damn kill me, lol

 Fatigue and heat.

 Sexual dysfunction

 Heat. Drop foot. And being tired


 My worst issues are with changes in temp and memory and mentality...and foot drop and...

 All of the above......minus the penis problems......

 Heat, fatigue, walking

 Memory, fatigue and insomnia

 Heat, fatigue and anxiety/depression

 humidity, extreme cold and insomnia

 Heat and high humidity, stiff and painful legs, balance

 Finding Doctors that truly understand

 Stiffness and pain in legs ,Heat ,memory problems and many more I know I,m forgetting

 All the above, and not being able to sit on the floor play toys with my son
 At this particular moment, the HEAT!!... Was outside for less than 15 mins and now my legs and feet are killing me and I feel dizzy, like I'm about to pass out!!... The fan isn't even cooling me off right now....

 The heat affects me badly too, but it's winter here so at least I don't have to deal with that right now.

This heat is killing my MS!! I put on my makeup, I don't know why it's gonna melt off!! Heading to dinner with friends, MS you are not invited!!!

All responses to my “assignment” are members of the We’re Not Drunk. We Have MS! Facebook page.

(Page 52+ I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?)

The biggest reason I wrote this book was purely selfish. 

Upon initial diagnosis, I tried to write down everything little 

thing related to my newly acquired condition. I have kept a 

journal (diary in earlier years) all my life, so continuing to do 

so was only natural. This venting process helped when 

attempting to physically verbalize my fears, frustrations, 

anger, and confusion could not. My writing was (and is) my 

self-prescribed therapy.

I shared a few pages of my journal in a writing group. they 

made me aware of the fact that my experience might help 

someone else. That's all it took for me to search for a 

publisher. I found the perfect match with Headline Books. 

thank you, Cathy and Ashley Teets for believing in 

me.Since being part of the Headline Family, my book has 

received continuous 5-star reviews and been honored in 

the London Book Festival Book Awards. Cathy encourages 

me with the sentiment that more awards are in the offing.

But it's not about the reviews or the awards, although those 

are nice testament to my writing ability. Publishing I Have 

MS. What's Your super Power? proves to me that my 

publisher (Cathy Teets) and my illustrator (Ashley Teets) 

believe in the need to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis. 

Leslie Hillburn, administrator of the Facebook page We're 

Not Drunk. We Have MS, a fellow Warrior, wrote 

the introduction to my book and allowed me to quiz 

members of the group page for my research. Why?

Because Leslie is adamant about spreading the word in 

stressing the severity of multiple sclerosis.

New York Times bestselling author and fellow Warrior, 

Geoffrey Cameron Fuller, states "Lisa does s people with 

MS must: accentuates the positive to defang the MonSter!"

Am I tooting my own horn? A bit; but not make money. I 

want to share my first-person suggestions and experience 

in the hopes of helping some one else (recently or not) 

diagnosed with this neurological phenomena called MS.


Fight back, Fellow Warriors. You are the Super Hero. MS is 

nothing more than a scary ol' MonSter hiding under the 


During the month of March, a portion of my book sales will 

go directly to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. When 

you order directly from me, I will personally pay the postage 

and include a little bling in your package.

Contact me if interested:

Or shout at me here.

If you are not interested in hanging out with me personally, I 

won't take offense, (but I would love to have a new friend)

take a gander at my books on Amazon.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. Have a good one!


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