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A person with MS walks into a bar...

,,,especially when looking for a restroom.

Once the initial reaction(s) of being diagnosed with MS is over, we Warriors are left to fend for ourselves...forever. If you're not living with the disease, it is no longer personal to many of those around you.

While we are busy arranging our lives around our new companion, the MonSter, loved ones seem to melt back into a daily routine that does not include being ever mindful of furniture arrangement, allowances for extra time to prepare for events, medication schedules, nd bathroom locations.

Bathrooms...the very topic on my mind

We all know that knowing the exact location of public facilities is paramount to a Warrior's existence. Every second counts when thinking about visiting the loo...every second. You know what I mean.

Because I am not and never will be of the male species,  I am addressing the female species when I write this. Every. Second. Counts.

The urge hits out of no where. "Didn't I just go? It's got to be a fal…
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letter of appeal x3

This week I will add (hopefully) one more support letter to my appeal to the insurance company in regard to their denying a request to aid  in the payment of the L300 Go. 

After my PT evaluation on Monday, I fear it may be too late for this walking device to help in reactivating the muscle in my right leg. Any progress realized in prior PT sessions has gone south. My right hip is weak, weak, weak. What has that to do with my leg muscle, you might ask. 


What the upper body cannot support effects the lower body and vice versa. All of our body parts work together to create a fully functioning unit. My body parts are obviously not communicating and communicating properly.

And then there is the possibility that I am undergoing a "relapse", a "flare", or whatever it is we call the event of heightened MS symptoms. I wouldn't be surprised. My personal life hasn't necessarily been fun lately. Yesterday I messed up the date on a nail appointment and probably …

L300 Go, go, go

Today's the day. It couldn't come any sooner. The MonSter has been kicking my buttocks (isn't that  a fun word?) lately.

Today I will receive my physical therapy evaluation in order to receive a letter from Rebecaa, my friendly PT. I will add this documentation to my impressive (If I do say so myself.) file of wordage that will be sent to my insurance company in hopes of then acquiring 80-20 percent  coverage for the L300 Walk Aid.

I don't know if it's the fact that my brains so focused on the L300 or if reality is on my side. 

has become extremely uncomfortable. A callus has formed on the bed of my right foot and must be "scraped" every few weeks. Fellow baby boomers might remember that Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn film in which the maid had a weekly appointment to get her feet scraped. That's what this reminds of.

I am very, very concerned about the muscle in my right leg. It is beginning to look "withered" and is constantly cramped all the way dow…

Monday, Monday...

Ya want to know what MS looks like? Well, here ya go.

My head ache began Saturday afternoon (that's  two days ago, it you are reading this post publication) and it's not only still hanging around, it's worse. The sledge hammer imprint makes wonder if I walked into a wall and don't remember. The area around my left eye is actually tender and my vision is blurred.

Ibuprofen doesn't help. A warm cloth doesn't help. Meditation doesn't help. And my cat's constant yammering doesn't help.

So, not only does MS look like a frayed wire,  it feels like one also.

I won't let it get me down, though. I can't. I will slap some duct tape on it and forge ahead. 

Isn't that what we Warriors do?

So, no, I may not look sick (You've heard that before, right?), but that wire definitely isn't healthy. Unfortunately where the wire can be fixed, replaced, or discarded, the MonSter in me cannot. 

So, give me another high priced band aid (Gilenya, Copaxone, Tecfe…