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Bored? Are you a couch potato?

If you are already prone to this malady, the following information may be dangerous in encouraging this behavior. This writer is not responsible for damages done.

As a result of today's blog topic,  my personal couch potato activities are responsible for the lack of yesterday's post. In an attempt to justify my actions, I blame Netflix (in the name of research).

 The best way to prove a fact is to test it, right? Yesterday I definitely put Netflix to the test by watching hours of Safe, a one-season Harlon Coben creation that whetted my love for crime/mystery/action-based entertainment. Harlon Coben is an American author whose work I have enjoyed immensely over the years,  discovering Safe as Coben's break out into film became that much sweeter when The Five caught my attention another series of his own. I will finish The Five today (unless some saves me) so that I can further investigate Coben with viewings of The Stranger. I might take a break …
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Don't need shoes? Not much of a yarn person? I'm not judging.
The best, VERY BEST way to combat boredom is to READ. Sure, I have books for sale, just look below, but I'm not the only fabulous author out there. Even if you are not necessarily inclined to pick up a book just for fun, there is no better way to keep your mind active and your hands free from mischief. Charge up your tablet or go old fashion (the best ) way and open that first page to allow yourself to fall into another world. 

You don't necessarily have to buy anything (Credit cards are safe). I'm certain you have some form of the written word at your beck and call. Have a Bible? EVERY mode of writing is found right there: horror, romance, historical, crime, reality, mystery.

How about meeting an author up close and personal from your tablet or computer screen? It's happening all over the globe. My publishing house family is right in the thick of things. Check it out.

BooksChildren’s BooksAu…


I calmed my inner fears this morning when I realized that my depleted yarn supply could easily be enhanced with online orders from...Oh, no, Amazon workers are preparing for  STRIKE. This a serious dilemma, folks. The project I'm working at the moment requires specialized yarn. I need six skeins. I have one. If delivery trucks are not delivering, my hands might be idle for a while and we all know what comes of idle hands.


HOLD THE PHONE! Did you know Hobby Lobby is also an online store?!

You probably did, being the savvy shopper you are. I did not. Now I am a happy knitter. My hands will be idle no more.

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green is refusing to close stores during the COVID-19 pandemic because his wife, Barbara, received a message from God saying that employees would be kept safe.
Mart Green
This Book Is AliMart Green began his retail career in the home of his parents as a youth. With $600 his family started Hobby Lobby in their living ro…

Bored? Let me help you.

I think she's my new hero.


With President extending the stay-at-home request for our nation, I have decided to extend my personal MS Awareness campaign. Actually, I really didn't need an excuse since my MS isn't going anywhere. 

While I have been adjusting to my new reality since 2001, COVID19 presents an entirely new chapter to the journey of many MS Warriors.  We are already self- isolation professionals. That, of course, doesn't make us immune to the horrors of this global pandemic; but it does raise alarms on credit card bills. (Didn't expect that turn of events, did ya?)

If you follow me at all, you're privy to my ongoing quest to find acceptable shoe wear to accommodate my AFO. You know of my ever-growing Converse All-Star collection and the issues with weather-related challenges they face. You're also aware of the expenses mounting with my ongoing internet shoe purchases. Fortunately, I have been allowed to …