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Everyone was smiling and cheerful, but it was definitely difficult not to notice the woman in the wheelchair whose husband fed her because she couldn't control the shaking of her hands. And the guy who walked with a cane had a pretty hard time of making his mouth form correctly around the words he said. My heart really ached for the young mother who couldn't hold up her arms. Her best friend came with her and took care of the little girl and I{coud see the fear in her eyes for her friend. MS is such an UN-FAIR disease! - attending a first MS support meeting, Abby,

Multiple Sclerosis is everywhere. It doesn't just affect the Warrior. MS attacks every aspect of life.
When I write my first young adult novel, I was still reeling from my 2001 diagnosis but had no way of conveying my feelings without appearing to illicit self-pity. If I have learned anything over the years since MS Warriors do no nee…
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We are Strong

Can I hear an Amen to that?
We all do it, and if you don't you need to. We are our own destiny. We are our own superhero because we are strong. We are resilient.
I know it's hard; sometimes downright improbable, but never impossible.
Celebrate the small stuff because it's not small to us. I went camping last weekend and am ecstatic that I did not pee myself one time all weekend. Go ahead and laugh. I don't care. That is a HUGE accomplishment! The secret? I have NO IDEA, but I'm certainly not complaining.
At this time, I am involved in several alternative treatments so it is difficult to identify the right combination but I'm narrowing it down. This is the fourth week of my TaoPatch therapy and I hope I'm not inventing the progress, slight though it is, I'm experiencing. I actually had planned to request a refund. That was before I lost one of my three patches. I then reminded myself of the expense and got serious about wearing the little disks daily (and us…

When life gives you lemons...

"He cashed in on his disabilities. He picked up the lemons that fate gave him and started a lemonade stand." -Elbert Hubbard 

So, what did you do with your weekend? It was a beautiful, crisp three days here in Monongah, West Virginia. Saturday offered a great day to watch Mountaineer football and commune with friends (socially distanced of course) in our OUTSIDE garage. We capped a win with a side-by-side ride that left our spirits high. 
Prior to my fun-filled Saturday. I spent Friday searching for equally fun-filled MS information to share with you.  When life gives you lemons...
This is a great article. It not only announces indications of MS, but it also offers tips on your MS diet.

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

Any time I see a menu that allows me to drink red wine, I'm all about it!
After eating and drinking, it's probably wise to …

Sometimes the tears just fall.

I love my life. I really do. I'm happy most of the time and few things bring me down.
That's why random tears confuse me. Just out of the clear blue sky my smile turns down and there aren't enough tissues in the box to dry the deluge running down my face.

A recurring memory haunts me: the accusation that "you say you have MS, but I just think you've had too much to drink" pops up in my mind every time I stumble, pee myself, or fall. Unfortunately, all these events occur more and more.

I do not blame non-MS Warriors of their ignorance. No one gets it who doesn't live with it. We all know that. 
Just had to vent after one of those weekends.
Have a wonderful Monday, Lisa, Lady with the Cane

TaoPatch and Me

Although fall is my favorite season, that doesn't mean I want to practice the literal meaning more than I normally do. That is why I invested in a rather unorthodox treatment for my MS.

So, I haven't forgotten update you on my TaoPatch experience; I unforgivably lost interest for a minute. I'm back at it again after further review of the benefits and use.

Starting Saturday, I reintroduced my body to the TaoPatch by wearing it the advised four hours a day for the first week. Today is Day three and, while there are no obvious effects, I am experiencing a subtle shift in my balance. If this is only psychological, so be it.  Albeit an expensive experiment, this alternative is worth it if it helps alleviate my hateful footdrop. 
Miracle scams are out there, I know. If the TaoPatch falls into that category, oh, well. It is impossible to pass judgment on third party study. I am wi…