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swallowing and ms

Just when you think you've got all the bases covered, a different fear arises.And people wonder why we are always so exhausted. Maybe it’s because we have to work overtime all day long in order to do the things everyone else takes for granted.

This has weighed heavily on my mind lately; the way we Warriors have to consider every little movement. Foor placement is a daily issue with me. Every step requires such concentration that being in a hurry is no longer an option. 

Walking takes a tremendous amount of thought.

So does swallowing.

Check out these informative articles:

Have a great week!
Lisa, the lady with the cane…
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David Lyons interview

I believe in knowing as much about your circumstance as possible. MS is an individual condition and each of us owns our disease and we manage it in a fashion that works for us.

Each story is an inspiration. Each story offers hope. Each story is supremely important for being the best of and for ourselves.

David Lyons works his story for the benefit of each and every MS Warrior. I am honored to share this insight into David's devotion to the MS World. Thank you, David, for sharing with us.

What advice do you give newly diagnosed Warriors? The advice I give to anyone diagnosed with MS is that there are 4 keys to fitness that will help them to conquer this disease. #1 mindset #2 exercise #3 nutrition #4 alternative treatments But without #1 mindset being first and foremost, the other 3 will not work well. We all have to have to remain positive and tell our bodies what we expect, not let MS tell us what it expects!  The body will do what the mind tells it to if you tell it enough times!  

A new Church of Go novel

If you enjoyed Bombs Bursting in Air,

I think you'll love the girls in my second Church of Go novel.

I've been dragging my feet, literally and figuratively, missing my self-imposed deadline of May 1 for completing second round revisions of my newest book Praise Petals; therefore I'm taking a little break from blogging until Monday, May 1. 

Please accept this preview of the said novel as an apology:

THE PRAISE PETALS: A Church of Go Novel                                                                                                      44,068 words CHAPTER ONE Snarky. If a word existed to describe Lilly Jenkins, “snarky” would be a top contender. According to Webster, snarky means “crotchety; snappish; sarcastic and irreverent.” In other words, Lilly. Besides, “snarky” was fun to say. And since there was nothing fun about Lilly, the irony was compelling. If it weren’t for her obnoxious attitude and disregard for good manners, Lilly “Godzilly” Jenkins would be beautiful. Platinum b…

Just be nice.

Today's Purpose

Today's Purpose

Does she ever stop sharing information? You ask.

Isn't there something else she could be doing? You ponder.

Will she ever stop posting about multiple sclerosis? You want to know?

Get a life! You scream at the screen.

Or not. Maybe you really do learn something from my rantings. If so, thank you and you're welcome.

I love causes. I'm crazy about projects. I need a purpose in my life and I always have a campaign in need of attention.

Currently, I am preparing to immerse myself into the findings offered in this book:

My copy is ordered. I'm anxious to learn more about Low Dose Naltrexone and it's relationship to the treatment of multiple sclerosis, among other neurological conditions.
It sounds promising.
That's all I'm gonna give you on the topic for now = official cliff hanger.

Instead, I'll let you in on today's challenge.

Today, May 1, 2020, is the first-ever #WMPitch event on Twitter. The purpose of…