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MS Awareness Month

I finally did it. I wrote to Ellen about MS Awareness. I have no desire to be on her show and I am not asking for personal gain. I only want public awareness to be announced in a place I will never have access. Maybe on the heels of a Hollywood disclosure (Selma Blair, for those of you who did not know.) multiple sclerosis awareness will claim a larger audience. 

Fingers crossed.

On a smaller scale, don't forget that I am donating a large portion of my book sales to NMSS during the month of March. You can access my book on Amazon or at Headline Books. Any books purchased directly from me will be autographed. I pay postage and will include a little MS bling.


AFOs, socks, and summer tans

So, Face Book was all screwy yesterday and I couldn't post Lady With the Cane there. So, I am a day behind; but in publishing, not in writing. I promise, I kept my promise to write EVERY DAY in March. 

If you happen to wear an AFO, you con relate to an issue weighing on my mind. Shoes.

Never have I considered myself to be girly-girly, but I DO like shoes. Before obtaining my AFO, I was aware of the effect certain shoes had on my walking gait. My Drop Foot is extremely particular and rarely allows me to wear the same shoe two days in a row. I learned early on that high heels were no longer acceptable, flip flops were a NO GO, and anything not snugly (but not too snug) would not stay on my right foot.

Enter my pink leg:

If I thought shoes were an issue before, my poor neglected shoe closet will attest to this new horror.
NONE of my foot wear works with this. Not even my house shoes fit.
I finally found and made a purchase. At the time women's sizes were not …

Making sense of Yesterday

First of all I need to thank anyone who read my rather depressing post yesterday. I won't apologize for demonstrating a human side of me, but I am sorry for making public such a weakness. Life is too short for boo-hoo-ing, whether it is deserved or not.

Secondly, I DO apologize for such a confusing post. I bare my soul then I include a link for the benefits of performing the full squat? Actually that kind of makes sense, what with the tone of my rant. The MonSter is always predictable in the confusion department.

For those physically active readers, let's look at the correlation between performing a full squat and living with multiple sclerosis. You might want to re-visit yesterday's post to review the link.