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MS Awareness Month: The Letter K

K is for keeping up with Jones's. 
Get rid of this philosophy RIGHT NOW. You are special. You are unique. You are a Warrior. You are a Super Star. MS does not define you. 

We have enough on our plates without worrying about without the rest of the coming and goings in our neighborhood, church, community, family. So what if Bubba got a new ski boat or Nibby Neighbor Nancy is planning - loudly - her spring cruise. I celebrate daily getting out of bed. No, I am not downplaying the excitement surrounding these happy moments in the lives of those folks we know. As MS Warriors, we sometimes need to remember that life hold more bonuses than money can buy.

This morning I am reminded that spring is on its way. Sure, I saw the news and I am well aware of the snow storm that promises to pelt our country in a few hours. I am ready. Milk in the fridge. Bread in the pantry. Flashlights battered up. But, behind that storm is spring and my favorite scent of all times: lilac. Don't ya just love that smell? Guess what? None of my neighbors have lilac bushes. But I DO. 
                                                                                             Lilac Sunday LilacSo, they are just going to have to keep up with me.

That is not all that K represents during this month of MS Awareness. K should really be for Kicking that MonSter in the derriere. As I look at this beautiful image of a lilac bush and inhale the magical perfume that resides in my mind (for now), I am filled with the hope that a cure is soon. Even if it is not in my lifetime, I am hopeful that this disease will get a firm KICK in the behind.

So, do what you can this week help support the cause. If you really want to keep up with Jones', donate to NMSS. This does not always need to be monetarily. Volunteer your time at an MS Walk, Run, or Swim event. Spread the word about support group meetings. Assist, visit, call someone who has MS. 

If giving money is your game, feel free to donate to

Want something tangible in return? Purchase one of my books and I will personally donate 10% of all sales to NMSS. AND, I will pay the postage and personalize your copy.

Abby, is an award winning young adult novel about twelve year old Abigail Van Buren Masterson who has attended five different school in seven years. When her mother is diagnosed with MS, the small family relocates. Abby meets the grandparents she never knew existed and learns the meaning of family. ($15.00)

I Have MS. What's Your Super Power?: A Common Sense Guide to Living with Multiple Sclerosis is the winner of international acclaim as a personal experience with the MonSter. ($12.95)

Get both, get a break! $25.00 for both.

Also, don't forget to join this blog for a chance to win a copy of I Have MS. What's Your super Power? 

So, if you want to soar past the Jones', support MS Awareness Month. 

Stay warm!
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