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Throw-Back Thursday: Is it Adult ADHD or a serious desire to ignore the past?

This has to be one of the most difficult lessons offered in this life. I am firmly reminded it of it daily.

...and I always plan to alter things, but I never seem to get around to it.

A few years ago I considered myself to be a "hard body". For years I taught aerobics. When I wasn't leading the class, I participated as a student. I didn't do it with any particular goal in mind other than to maintain my weight and physically feel good about myself. I really enjoyed exercising!

While dressing yesterday, I realized that my once firm "bottom" was rather (no...extremely) soft. My first thought was to get busy and do something about that. Sounds logical, right? Well, when every day walking presents a challenge for my MS body, my resolve to "do something about" the situation is enough to discourage that intent.

"What a sissy," I think. How much time does it take to perform a few squats every day? 

So, I take my morning coffee to the television stand, turn on the morning news show, and position myself in front of the screen. 

"Here we go, Al Rocker," I say aloud and I begin bending my knees. After a few warm up movements, I break to take a sip of coffee. I love my new white chocolate raspberry dairy creamer. It's nonfat, so it must be okay, right? 

As I enjoy the almost dessert taste of my morning brew, I think about what to have for breakfast. Since it is summer and my son is home from school, we have been eating our morning meal together and I look forward to this summer morning ritual.

Because Al breaks for a commercial, I take that time to go to the kitchen in search of something interesting for our morning meal. 

From the other room I hear today's musical entertainment on the Plaza and rush back to the TV to maybe dance a little to the tunes. Dancing is great exercise, right? I'll shake my bootee for a minute or two and get the heart rate up and my muscles singing.

Oops, my phone is ringing and this early in the day means that it is probably something important.

So glad I took that call. It was the senior minister from my church telling me that he dropped in on my mother-in-law yesterday at her new home at a local nursing home. My husband and I made the horribly painstaking decision to move her in on Monday. It's been a grueling week and we decided to give her some time without us before visiting; in hope that she can acclimate to her new surroundings. I am so grateful that Pastor Clyde let me know of his visit.

Now, back to breakfast preparation.

NO...first a few stretches. Or was I finished with my squats?

Before I can make that decision my cat engages in a tangent of argumentative cat-talk. Guess I had better check her food bowl before she alerts the neighborhood that her human is a negligent pet owner.

Well, shoot, my coffee is cold. Better take care of that right away. 
did I mention my new coffee creamer? It's divine.

Oh, did I hear a  text message ping from my cell phone? I bet that's my BFF checking on my latest knitting project. I realized last night that I had majorly screwed up and would probably be starting from scratch this morning. We commiserated for quite some time; she reassuring me that these little mistakes add charm to the hand made gift. I totally respect her words, but really feel it in my best interest to regroup and start again. It's not that much of a big deal and I am really enjoying this new project. Practice makes perfect, right?

Well, cat fed; son with cereal bowl in hand (He declined the mother/son breakfast ritual in exchange for an early morning Pokemon run.) It's time to do a little exercise.

Get this middle age body in shape!

Maybe I will try a little walk around the neighborhood.

As I bend into my closet for my favorite walking shoes, my eyes fall upon a picture on my desk. Even though my husband is NOT the most sensitive individual on the planet, he does have a way with sentimental cards. They are always so perfectly expressive and I make it a habit to display them around the house so that he knows how much I appreciate his thoughtfulness. This one I loved so much that I framed it and placed it on my desk.

I won't bore  you with the mushiness of it all, but I must share the overall theme. Basically he loves me for who I am and not how I look. He will love me flabby back side or not. If I am happy, he is ecstatic. 



Maybe I will take this quiet time while my son roams the neighborhood to unravel that knitting project and get started on a re-do. My derriere isn't going any where. It follows me every where I go and right now I am headed for the couch to play with yarn.

Have a good Thursday!

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